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The support team is also short-staffed. Other challenges are: - 1. Illiteracy about computer in rural areas as well as rural population has low trust on electronic system. Selection of an educated, intelligent, reliable and matured person as a sanchalak. Improper knowledge about rural market.

Improper and complex user interface on e-Choupal. Lack of rules and regulation related to electronic Choupal. Mistrust about inspection, testing and weighing of produce on centers. ITC e-Choupal is committed to transparency and respect and fairness towards farmers as well as local partners. There are several issues which the company has addressed. Firstly, it is not just tweaking around but a greater efficiency in the supply chain.

One of the problems in redesigning supply chains is how to use different tools, thus making the various players still own the chain. Here, the farmer and the team are involved in painting the big picture, so there is enthusiasm and a feeling of ownership. Further, how do you avoid a channel conflict by finding space for the middle-men?

Upton also points out that the 'roll out, fix it, scale up' model is a new approach to strategic 19 The philosophy here is that the terrain has so many uncertainties that gaps will exist. So, unlike in the past, where focus was on well- laid strategic plans, here you give experimentation-based strategies more weightage.

The Choupal services are being delivered by over 6, Sanchalaks and over 17, Upa Sanchalaks to these remotest areas. Multiple Benefits Farmers can look at weather forecasts, order fertilizer and herbicide, and consult an agronomist by e-mail when their crops turn yellow. For instance, by helping the farmer identify and control his inputs and farming practices, and by paying more for better quality, ITC has been able to preserve the source and improve the quality of produce. The project was built using. The first implementation of a Soya Choupal took eight months but later extensions like the Aqua Choupal for aquamarine farmers took between six and eight weeks.

Today e-Choupal is a flexible, easy to deploy solution. ITC Infotech provided an in-house team of 25 to 30 people in the initial stage and this gradually came down to around 20 people, and finally a five-member team to maintain the project. The portfolio of commodities sourced has been vastly expanded to include maize, bar ley, sorghum, and pulses, and the sourcing cycle is extended almost around the year.

In the commodities market, these two factors are helping ITC create a definite competitive advantage. ITC e-Choupal has embarked in on providing best of the class retailing and shopping experiences to the rural consumers by building retail shopping complexes that provide integrated facilities under one roof. In healthcare services, a pilot project has been launched along with leading corporate healthcare service providers, to extend reliable and quality healthcare services to the remotest villages.

Several health camps conducted during the pilots are encouraging and the project is in the midst of scaling up to other locations. ITC e-Choupal is currently piloting delivery of quality education services to the rural areas leveraging the physical and digital infrastructure developed for commodities sourcing and consumer retail services.

ITC has always attached critical importance to its responsibility to contribute to preserving and enriching the environment. Through these initiatives ITC has touched the lives of over 2 million villagers across the country. It also endeavors to increase the use of waste material for energy generation.

ITC Units continuously explore the potential for renewable energy. Different ITC Units have undertaken initiatives to use renewable energy sources such as biomass, wind and solar power. India is a signatory to the Montreal Protocol of All ITC Units have detailed plans in place to conform to this policy. Restoring the Ecological Balance ITC has effectively leveraged its need for wood fiber to provide significant livelihood opportunities to economically backward wasteland owners.

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The Company has undertaken extensive tree plantation, at all its Units, and major afforestation and watershed development programmes across the country. So far some 35 million saplings have been planted over 16, hectares, generating employment for about , people. Apart from the obvious benefits of increasing the forest cover this effort also directly contributes to moisture conservation, groundwater recharge and a significant reduction in topsoil loss due to wind and water erosion.

Leaf- litter continuously enriches depleted soils. This further reduces the consumption of fertilizers and pesticides, thus preventing the chemical pollution of groundwater sources Conserving Water ITC has always endeavored to be a water-positive corporation by returning to the environment more water that it uses. Treated effluent is reused or recycled wherever appropriate. ITC strives to restore to the environment as much as possible of the precious water it uses. ITC Units have efficient wastewater treatment plants that treat wastewater to standards of purity that are significantly better than prescribed standards.

ITC business units evaluate the potential for rainwater harvesting and implement them wherever feasible. Rainwater harvesting initiatives have been increasing over the years. The Company continually strives to: 1. Maximize the efficient use of resources 2. Eliminate unnecessary toxic and hazardous resources 3.

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Give preference to renewable, recycled, recyclable, reused and reusable resources All ITC Units consistently endeavor to reduce generation of waste and maximize its recycling. Wastes are systematically segregated as hazardous, bio-medical, nuclear, non-hazardous, and biodegradable and non-biodegradable, to be appropriately treated, recycled or disposed.

The company has also donations to hospitals. As a step towards our objective of up gradation of primary education in the surrounding areas, infrastructure, development of school was initiated and supported.

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The efforts have been appreciated by employees and community at large. The company has been providing maintenance services to the Palghar —Dhanu Taluka Sport association ground located at Boisar. ADL donated Rs 4. The company is also a key player in malted food drinks and sugar confectionery.

The company after becoming a founder member of BCF embarked upon social and community development initiatives and attaches a lot of importance to social development initiatives. Close to its factory at Malanpur near Gwalior, the company is working on a project targeting women's empowerment and female infanticide.

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The initiative known as the ' Gurikha Project' was launched in line with Cadbury India's philosophy to serve communities around its factory locations in partnership with NGOs on a planned and sustainable basis. The projects key focus is on various aspects of women's inequality, female infanticide and rights of the girl child. As per a recent survey, the project has succeeded in giving a sense of direction and confidence to a large number of women of the area and a marked improvement has been noticed in the general well being of the girl child.

Under the income generation programme, more than 10 self help groups with monthly savings ranging from 20,, rupees are functional in the area. Besides this, Cadbury has also helped build a pre-school section to the village school building for girl children and a set of classrooms in another village under the same Panchayat. K Ranganathan is one of the founder-members of the Ability Foundation — an NGO working towards the rehabilitation of the disabled.

Jayashree Raveendran, an NGO that is primarily working to integrate persons with disabilities into mainstream society; instituted CavinKare ABILITY Awards to celebrate the exemplary spirit of rare breed of individuals who have risen above their physical limitat ions to display that attitude is everything. The annual awards which has been organized for 5 years in succession till date has gained enormous recognition. Many celebrities, social workers, civil servants, and people from all walks of life contribute to the cause by witnessing the awards and also contributing in the manner they desire towards the just cause.

The CavinKare ABILITY Awards, a total of three awards, are given annually to salute personal triumphs, the extraordinary spirit of achievement and a looking beyond one's own self and physical limitations. And while it has been voted among the best workplaces in the country, it is keen to prove that it is a conscientious corporate as well. For this, we also have to be preferred neighbors," says Mr. According to him, commitment to corporate social responsibility or CSR, at FedEx, goes beyond the annual donation to a charitable organization.

Employees meet every six months to decide among themselves in what way the company can touch the lives of people in their immediate environment. A good example of such an engagement is FedEx's tie up with CRY in the field of education, which not only aims at providing basic education to underprivileged children, but also at supporting their overall development. It has donated Rs 15 lakh towards four CRY-supported projects that is expected to impact the lives of 15, children.

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  8. As part of its involvement in a project called Arambh, the organization has been addressing issues of women and children in the slums of Navi Mumbai. Of this, Rs 1. The remaining Rs 1. As part of its initiatives in corporate social responsibility, LGE has also launched a new initiative with New-Delhi based NGO Prayas that works for the upliftment of underpriveleged children.

    In keeping with its plan of supporting organizations committed to social causes, LG will also be tying up with Helpage India, an NGO that looks after the aged. It already has a tie-up with another NGO Jan Shikhan Sansthan for generating self-employment opportunities for unemployed in the form of tailoring, knitting etc.

    Its community development initiatives include a focused plan for providing health services to underprivileged children, animal healthcare and enhancing professional skills of unemployed youth. It has also adopted 24 villages in the vicinity of its factory in Noida.

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    Prayas, which began as an emergency relief and rehabilitation initiative for destitute children in Delhi in , has expanded its area of operation to include institutional care, alternative education and vocational training to neglected street and working children. It caters to the needs of 50, slum kids in Delhi, Gujarat and Bihar, through 65 centers under 13 projects and three shelter homes. The company is deeply concerned about ethical business practices and believes tha t personal and organizational integrity is essential to long term relationships- whether with customers, employees or stakeholders.

    The organization is committed to development initiatives and is supporting numerous projects in partnership with several community and charitable organizations worldwide. The focus of its community initiatives are centered on education, corporate giving and disaster relief. Keeping in line with their international programme of employee volunteering called 'Helping Hands', Nokia India is involved with an NGO working with children with disabilities in Delhi.

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    Nokia's employees provide support to the NGO in terms of help and training in accounts, human resources, IT, working with children and other activities.