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Date: Abstract: In the 21st century global warming becoming the most challenging problem, a huge amount of wastes are generated due to the rapid urbanization and construction of several new structures, renovation and demolition of old buildings especially in developing countries several million tonsof construction and demolition wastes CDW globally. Much of the concrete waste from the construction industries is used as land filled, leading to environmental and ecological problems such as occupation of large areas of land, generation of dust, contamination of surface and underground water.

Recently in Nepal after Gorkha earthquake on April 25 and its aftershocks a total of 4, public and , private buildings were either destroyed or damaged.

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The amount of such a large waste is creating economic burden as well as environmental pollution. This disaster compelled us for the complete utilization of these wastes generated for sustainable development due to the diminishing natural resources.

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Construction and demolition wastes are considered priority waste in European Union countries. As per Eurostat , European Union generated The recycling of construction and demolition waste CDW is limited to the use of crushed aggregates in low-specification applications.

These wastes are rich in SiO2and Al2O3, which can be used as a raw material for the synthesis of geopolymer. One of the promising technology i. Geopolymerisation involves a chemical reaction between solid aluminosilicate oxides and alkaline activator solution at ambient or slightly elevated temperatures, resulting an amorphous to semicrystalline polymeric structure with Si—O—Al and Si—O—Si bonds of high mechanical strength.

A solution to this problem would be planning recycling into the pre construction plans in advance. Malakahmad et al. They concluded that one key element of ISWM is solid waste separation, which contributes to a successful recycling program. Following are the bar chart which represents recycling material in constriction industry I every year Figure 1.

Reuse provides an excellent, environmentally- preferred alternative to other waste management methods, because it reduces air, water and land pollution, limits the need for new natural resources, such as timber, petroleum, fibers and other materials.

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The US Environmental Protection Agency has recently identified waste reduction as an important method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a contributing factor to global warming. Reuse continues to provide an excellent way in which to get people the food, clothing, building materials, business equipment, medical supplies and other items that they desperately need.

Use of Recycled Construction Waste in Concrete by Collis & Associates

There are other ways, however, that reuse benefits the community. Many reuse centers are engaged in job-training programs, programs for the handicapped or at-risk youth programs.

Thesis in solid waste management

Reuse is an economical way for people of all socio economic circles to acquire the items they need. From business furniture to household items, from cars to appliances, and just about anything else you could think of -- it is less expensive to buy used than.

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Proper waste disposal is of great importance in both rural and urban areas , as it increases environmental pollution and occupies land around industrial plants. One of the solutions is to use these recycled materials in pavement construction. The use of the innovative technology will not only strengthen the road construction but also increase the road life as well as will help to improve the environment.

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Past studieson the use of recycled material in bituminous mixes and their effects on properties of roads have been thoroughlystudied and the best suited combination of recycledwaste and binder to environment is proposed. The use of innovative technology not only strengthens the road construction but also increased the road environment and will also life as well as will help to improve create source of income.

Coating of recycled material on aggregate is used for its better performance. This helps to have a better binding of bitumen n with recycled material waste coated aggregate due to increased bonding and increased area of contact between polymers and bitumen.

A Laboratory Scale Synthesis Of Geopolymer from Construction Wastes (Ph.D. Thesis)

The polymer coating also reduces the voids. This prevents the moisture absorption and oxidation of bitumen by entrapped air. This has resulted in reducing rutting, raveling and there is no pothole formation.

  • A Laboratory Scale Synthesis Of Geopolymer from Construction Wastes (Ph.D. Thesis).
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  • A Laboratory Scale Synthesis Of Geopolymer from Construction Wastes (Ph.D. Thesis).
  • An Introduction to Solid Waste Management.

The roads can withstand heavy traffic and show better durability. Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.