Glossary of newspaper terms

A formal sworn statement of fact, signed by someone who can verify this fact, and witnessed by someone such as a notary public. For newspapers, this is often used to prove that an insert or legal notice has run in a paper as scheduled. A unit of measurement for newspaper advertising which measures one column wide with 14 agate lines per inch each equal to 1.

Annual audit reports show the average net-paid-circulation of the publications including daily and weekly editions of newspapers, and magazines and is used by advertisers in planning their marketing campaigns.

Glossary Of Terms

An advertisement appearing on two facing pages of a newspaper, printed on a single sheet in the center of a publication see Double Truck. A copy of a printed page sent to the advertiser and the agency as proof the ad ran as ordered see tearsheet. Advertising arranged according to categories featuring items offered for sale at a set price for a set period of time. The ad is generally in small print.

Newspaper Journalism Glossary

The percentage of ads that were clicked on by a user total number of clicks divided by the total number of impressions served. An acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow and black — the four ink colors used in full-color printing. Publication space that is one column wide by one-inch high, used as a measure of advertising space. Column inches are used to determine the cost of ads. A discounted advertising rate offered to advertisers for buying advertising space in two or more publications owned by the same company.

Video content that is delivered to a user via the internet rather than a traditional cable subscription. Co-op advertising may only be available at limited times of the year and on certain products. The cost of advertising to reach one percentage point of the target group, audience, or population in a given market or geographic area. The geography of where a media has coverage.

In print, the coverage area equates to the circulation area. Advertising on the cover of a publication, often at a premium cost due to limited availability. Cover positions can include front cover, inside front cover, inside back cover, outside back cover or section cover.

The total number of individuals or households reached by an advertising campaign at least once during the media buy. Display ads can range from small to the full size of the print page. Ads generally contain typeset copy, graphics, and design to attract customer interest.

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The size of the ad is based on the number of columns wide by the number of inches tall. A large newspaper ad measurement that uses two facing full pages, including the gutter or fold. The entire ad is treated as one unit and is traditionally the center spread of the section. The number of electronic dots per inch that a printer can print affecting resolution. The higher the dpi, the higher the resolution. A promotional email sent to targeted opt-in users where the client owns the entire message and appears as the sender.

The ratio of cost of an advertising campaign to the size of the audience used to compare various mediums and buys. An email sent to opt-in users from an owned and operated news site with advertisements in conjunction with editorial content. An agreement between a media and an advertiser.

The media agrees to run no advertising by competitors for a given client.

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This is often granted at a premium price. An electronic tear sheet — an electronic image of a newspaper page used to prove proof of publication. The right of an advertiser to have the first choice in continuing sponsorship of a program or position before it is offered to another advertiser. The number of times that an individual is exposed to an advertisement or campaign or the number of times an ad is scheduled for placement. A limit to the number of times an individual user will be shown a particular digital advertisement within a given time frame.

A discounted advertising rate that is given by media to advertisers for placing multiple ad placements within a given time frame. A digital border that is drawn around a specific address or set of addresses used to target users with digital ads when they are present at that specific location. The blank space between margins of facing pages of a publication or the blank space between columns of text.

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Video advertisement that loads and plays inside a space sized for and traditionally reserved for a standard banner unit. A one-page or multi-page print advertisement that is distributed and inserted into a publication. Written authorization from the advertiser or agency to a publication.

Orders specify cost per ad, size, publication dates as well as any request for special position. Audio streamed over a network rather than received as a signal from a particular physical location. A separately printed magazine section inserted into a newspaper. Supplements can be produced both locally and nationally.

No charge rerun placement given to an advertiser when the original spot or ad did not run or ran incorrectly.

The purchase of media space for the placement of advertisements. Digital content from an advertiser that positions them as a subject matter expert and reads like an editorial piece. A term used by AAM for the circulation of a publication to indicate the number of copies sold per issue both in subscription and newsstands. A company that sells special material such as features, photographs, comic strips, and cartoons to newspapers for print in their publications.

An ad measurement system used in magazine advertisements and some tabloids. In illustration, a term used to describe a view of a drawing in its assembled or whole format. Author's Alterations AA's. Changes made after composition stage where customer is responsible for additional charges.

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Autochrome Paper. Coated papers that are regarded as exceptional for multi-coloured printing jobs.

Any photo materials which provide positive images without a negative. The light blue colour used in the nomenclature of "laid" and "wove" papers. Back Lining. Back Margin. Back Step Collation. Back To Back. Any type that tilts to the left or backward direction; opposite of italic type.

The Newspaper Designer's Handbook | Glossary

Backstep Marks. A term given to the procedure of drying coatings onto papers. In an illustration, any line which encircles copy or dialogue. Bank Paper. A thin uncoated stock used for making carbon copies. Banker's Flap Envelope. A flap where the edges are more rounded; also called a wallet flap. The primary headline usually spanning the entire width of a page. Barn Doors. Barrier Coat. Baryta Paper. A coated stock barium sulfate compound used for text impressions on typesetting machines.

Bas Relief.