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Expository Essay Writing PowerPoint and Graphic Organizer

Well alright then! No wasted words! Think of expository in this way: it is logical and informative. At the time polio was considered the biggest threat to public health, yet Salk refused to profit by patenting the vaccine because he was more concerned with preventing disease than with personal gain.

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Although many people work to benefit themselves, some people choose to put others first. Think carefully about this statement. Write an essay explaining why people should be more concerned about others than about themselves. Construct a thesis statement that directly answers the prompt.

Planning the Introduction and Conclusion of your Expository Essay

Brainstorm examples that you could use in the body paragraph. There is no clear thesis statement. This will lead to a weaker paper. However, most of us are too busy with our lives to take time for others. Even though it is easier to mind our own business, it is honorable and caring when a person goes out of his way to help another person. Although people work to benefit themselves, they should always put others first.

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People should be more concerned about helping others than themselves because it is the right thing to do. Strong or Weak WHY?? All rhetorical questions; no hook sentence; no thesis statement — VERY weak. ANWER the question 2. Choose a good HOOK. Do not make your whole paper sound like an introduction paragraph. Begin your body paragraphs with a topic sentence. Body paragraphs develop one clear, specific reason or example for believing your thesis statement to be true. Convince your reader to see things as you see them.

The fireman and police worked overtime and put themselves in danger from the dust and piles of building scraps to help pull the injured out from under the rubble.

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These men and women gave everyone hope in their heroic, selfless acts. Their actions reveal that it is admirable to put others first. Everyone wants to have friends.

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Caring is part of friendship. What does that mean? Nurses are one example of people who put others first. Develop the idea! Your paragraph must develop the idea of the nurse helping the sick. For example, they respond to hurricane or tornado victims with places of shelter, blankets, clothing, and food. The Red Cross people are volunteers that make life bearable in times of emergencies.

It is important to help people in tough times; one never knows when he or she will need assistance. To me I think of others before me. When your in a room where there seems to be a fire some people will think of themselves while others think of the rest. The doctor could risk himself of getting polio but he could save hundreds of lifes that currently have polio.

Expository Essay Writing PowerPoint and Graphic Organizer

To me people that think of themselves before others are selfish and maybe greedy, but others that think of others are kind people. Somewhere down the line, there is the realization that the very people who preach these things to children do not follow their own rules. It is very important in society today to remember the bigger picture, which often includes doing things to help others with no benefit to oneself.

People need to realize that volunteering is a worthwhile and necessary part of life.

Some people think to help others means giving money when really it is about donating time to help others.