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Optional and Unsolicited Materials: How Much Is Too Much?

Which schools should you apply to? What should your personal statement say? Should you do the optional essays? Should you apply early? JD2Be LLC is an independent law school admissions consulting group and is here to help you analyze all of those questions and more.

From initial application strategy to final law school choice, we are here to make sure you weigh all the factors so you end up in the best place for you to be a JD-to-be. Northwestern Personal Statement vs.

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Or should I still include some of that discussion in my personal statement? As of right now, my personal statement is mostly about me, my interests, and my goals. There's just a small mention of Northwestern at the end.

What Is a "Why This College" Essay?

Now I'm second-guessing that decision. Do I need to? Re: Northwestern Personal Statement vs. For example, Harvard has a looooong list of optional essay topics, but not a single one of them is some variety of "Why Us?

Your Journey Toward A Northwestern Law Executive LLM

That's how they're signaling to you that the optional essays are truly optional. If you go over to the Harvard admissions website, they even tell you as much in their Application Tips if you click on the little "i" icon:. As you are filling out the application, if there is not a topic that naturally comes to mind then you should probably skip this question.

Reading My Harvard Law Personal Statement

So a good rule is that if an optional essay topic is asking some version of "Why Us? And if the optional essay question is not a "Why Us" essay prompt, submit something only if it's a strong piece of writing AND it says something about you that isn't already demonstrated somewhere else in the application. What We Do. Code of Ethics. College Admissions.

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